Final Project


IMG_1654 ISO 250 f4.5 1/50
These mirror pictures did not turn out the way I had imagined, and I would have preferred a round mirror… This was my favorite out of about 50.


ISO320 f6.3 1/160

I could not get the mirror and the book to be in focus no matter how high my aperture was.  This was my favorite out of this series, this wasn’t planned we just had set the mirror down to move on to the next photos and this looked cool.


ISO 800 f6.3 1/100

This was taken downtown. I liked the church reflection, though I should have grabbed a ladder to have been able to get more of the church and have less open space up top.

IMG_1375 ISO 1000 f7.1 1/30

This was my favorite of all of the shots I took.  We were downtown taking pictures for this assignment and did this as a joke.  It turned out really cool, and is one of my favorite photos of my best friend and I now.


I chose portraits because I have never went out and taken pictures of someone and had to ask them to pose and find good locations for them.  This was more challenging than I thought it would be, and I still don’t know how to make my model more comfortable or more natural looking.  My niece helped me with these photos. These were the best ones.

IMG_1747 ISO 100 f2.5 1/100

This was done in an abandoned building by my house that said no trespassing… can’t be a great photographer if you follow all the rules, am I right?

IMG_1781 ISO 125 f2.2 1/250

Again, we were trespassing… her mom probably wont let me take her out again anytime soon. These were done by the railroad tracks behind Green Health on Highway 99.

IMG_1869 ISO 100 f1.4 1/800

We went to the Owen Rose Garden for this one… no more trespassing for this trip 🙂

IMG_1842 ISO 100 f1.4 1/800

These archways at the rose garden made it easy to make a nice background. I really liked the rose garden, I had never shot any photos there. We had a lot of fun and it was hard to pick just 2 photos from this location.


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